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With this project, my pitch was that I wanted to use a mix of photogrammetry and camera motion tracking coupled with a sensor that a person will step on to count the amount of people coming in and out of a store. 


We already have this with cars with the sensor wires counting how many spaces are available in a parking garage and how many cars go by on a street to know if they need to put in more lights/stop signs, so why not for stores? 


The problem of people going in and out of the same door is easily fixed. I noticed it with Safeway in the early days of the pandemic, they made one door on one side the exit and the other the entrance and the entrance door wouldn’t open for the ones trying to leave and vice versa. 


With this idea, as we already have the cameras installed in all grocery stores, we can add the photogrammetry/motion tracking cameras in as an “update” and put them at both exit and entrance.

This number would be displayed on an app that has all the stores that are participating and their live number of people in the store.

The only thing I created was the 3D camera + the phone animation all other assets were found.

*** all film assets taken from Pixabay & Pexels, used Natural Readers for the robot voice ***


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